At BRING IT ON! we’re all about the food !...and beverages, of course. Our food and beverage specialists assist in preparing menus and bar packages that meet your criteria, as well as hire, manage, and coordinate all of the necessary catering elements and logistics. All catering and bar staff is screened to ensure they have the appropriate licenses and certifications. BRING IT ON! offers a variety of fare, from casual Barbecues and Tex-Mex Specialties, Pre Packaged Snack Packs and Boxed Meals to Heavy Hors Hor d’Oeuvres, International Themed Food Stations and Fine Dining Menus. You can expect high quality, generous portions and awesome service when using BRING IT ON! for your catering needs.


From the most casual to the finest dining establishments anywhere in the U.S., unsurpassed service, quality and variety are available to ‘jour group through BRING IT ON!. Private and semi-private rooms, reserved seating in the main dining room, exclusive members-only dining, coordinated cocktail receptions, designated service staff, competent wine pairings by esteemed sommeliers, custom seating charges, pre-selected menus, endless décor and entertainment enhancements only begin to describe the abundant options available with our professionally managed dining programs. BRING IT ON! will thoroughly plan and prepare each dine-around based on your budget and supervise the level of your guests’ service while facilitating any transportation requirements, resulting in an overall VIP experience.