BRING IT ON! sightseeing offers professional guides, deluxe transportation and the opportunity to explore all of the diverse historic, cultural, trendy, popular and indigenous treasures across the United States. With so many entertaining and thrilling things to do and see, BRING IT ON! skillfully coordinates the best activities any specific destination has to offer. Indoor activities will have your group interacting at arcades, bowling to rock-and-roll tunes, hunting each other in laser tag, scaling rock walls, playing glow-in-the- dark miniature golf or taking in a movie at theaters featuring full service dining and bar. Outdoor options will find your guests driving dragsters, dodging paint balls, riding roller coasters, rocketing down a waterslide or taking in panoramic views on horseback. BRING IT ON! also offers spouse programs so everyone has an enjoyable experience throughout the event. With professional guides and the many spas, museums, recreational activities, attractions and eateries offered in any area, spouse tours become a great way to entertain the better halves. BRING IT ON! will customize your spouse tour program to fit the personality and preferences of the group. Our tailored programs are certain to pamper, entertain and impress your guests.